Fees and Bookings

Our fees are set on an annual basis.

Increases in fees will be advised in writing at least 2 weeks prior to increase becoming effective

Payment is made fortnightly via a ‘Direct Debit’ system.

There is no charge for the two (2) weeks that the centre is closed over the Christmas period.

Statements are issued and will either be emailed, posted, or you can pick it up from the Centre.

For those parents who receive Child Care Benefit, the government will only subsidise 42 allowable absences per child, per financial year. After the use of the 42 days, it becomes your responsibility to pay full fees for any further absences. If your child is away for extended periods of time, eg. holidays, please inform the Centre or the Accounts Department in writing at least two weeks in advance. This will allow us to alter our staffing and food requirements for the period that you are away.

Any credit will be refunded if your child leaves the Centre.

Parents must inform the Centre or Head Office of any changes to your child’s information, eg. address, phone number, allergies etc in writing.

Absent days must be signed for in order to receive Child Care Benefit for those days.

If you wish to apply for the Child Care Benefit this must be done at your nearest Centrelink Office.