Behaviour Support

At Jigsaw OOSH, we encourage:

  • Respect
  • Co-operation
  • Room Leaders
  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Trust

Jigsaw OOSH aims to foster and enhance positive self-esteem and enhance positive guidance towards socially acceptable behaviour. We believe in encouraging independence and self-control in children, and aim to develop skills which will enable them to be self-disciplined and solve problems for themselves. By using a positive approach to behaviour and direct communication with families and the School regarding their strategies, we are able to adapt behaviour management plans to suit the specific needs of the individual child or a group of children.

Our behaviour support strategies including guiding children’s behaviour, by seeking to identify the reason behind it. In guiding children’s behaviour the focus is always on the behaviour not the child. We incorporate a very positive approach to behaviour. Basic rules and guidelines of acceptable behaviour are established through consultation with the children and School Community as we believe that children are more likely to respect rules if they have been involved in their development and understanding.

The School rules would also be incorporated into the daily program to ensure that the children have a clear understanding of expectations at all times while on the School grounds. We would also like to follow on with the School’s positive approach to behaviour management offering awards and incentives to reward their behaviour.

Educators are trained to provide an environment that encourages children to behave in a positive manner. Educators are also required to attend continual training by Management and local Inclusion Support Agencies on techniques that encourage positive, age appropriate interactions and co-operation. Children will be involved in the planning and changes to the conduct and discipline of the Centre which encourages the respect and right for others, and helps to create a caring environment that allows children to play and interact without prejudice or bias.

At all times we encourage children to express their thoughts, feelings and behaviour in a positive manner. Educators constantly provide role modelling and strategies to assist children in dealing with conflict resolution as well as developing trust, co-operation, a sense of responsibility, appropriate use of equipment and respect towards themselves and each other.

Educators at the centre aim to provide each child with guidance that helps the child to acquire a positive self-concept. Our program therefore, promotes a positive approach to behaviour support and guidance which is constructive and suited to the age, ability and understanding of the child.