As of July 2nd 2018, the government introduced Child Care Subsidy, if you have not yet applied for CCS you can do so by following the link Here. This link will also guide you and answer any questions or concerns about your CCS entitlements. Families can also head into your nearest Centrelink Branch for further information or support.

Child Care Subsidy is different for every family and takes into account each individual circumstance and family situation. Centrelink will determine what your entitlement is and by providing Jigsaw the correct information upon enrolment or as your information is updated we will be claim your entitlements to your account. It is important that families check their Mygov account regularly to ensure all information is current so the Subsidy continues to come through.

The government subsidies 42 allowable absences per child, per financial year. Once you have reached your 42 sessions, you will then need to pay full fees for any further absences.

Calculating your CCS

Your Child Care Subsidy will be calculated by using three components as displayed below 

CCS Calculator

  • Family income is calculated from the combined household income.
  • The activity test is calculated using the parent with the LEAST activity.
  • The government are setting an annual benchmark rate, therefore the calculation of CCS is determined by the lower of the benchmark rate or the centre’s hourly fee. 

Combined Family Income

Under the Child Care Subsidy, the percentage of subsidy a family is entitled to is based on their combined annual income, with more financial support available to lower income families.

This table shows the percentage of child care fees or the relevant hourly rate cap (whichever is lower) the Government will contribute based on a family's combined income

Combined family income  Child Care Subsidy % 
Up to $66,958 85%
Over $66,958  to under $171,958 Gradually reducing to 50%
$171,958  to under $251,248 50%
$251,248  to under $341,248 Gradually reducing to 20%
$341,248  to under $351,248 20%
$351,248  or more 0%


Level Of Activity 

The government bases your activity level on the hours of Recognised Activities you do.

Your activity level to work out the number of hours of subsidised child care you can get each fortnight.

The hours of subsidised child care you can access per fortnight applies to each child.

Hours of recognised activities per fortnight 
Hours of subsidised care
Less than 8 hours 0 Hours if you earn above $66.958
24 hours if you earn $66.958 or below
More than 8 to 16 hours 36 Hours
More than 16 to 48 hours 72 Hours
More than 48 hours 100 Hours